The Stoned Chrysalis

Labiaplasty in Australia

Aimee Vincent

Artist  Jacqueline Secor

To love women, to love our vaginas, to know them and touch them and be familiar with who we are and what we need. To satisfy ourselves, to teach our lovers to satisfy us, to be present in our vaginas, to speak of them out loud, to speak of their hunger and pain and loneliness and humor, to make them visible so they cannot be ravaged in the dark without great consequence, so that our center, our point, our motor, our dream, is no longer detached, mutilated, numb, broken, invisible, or ashamed
— Eve Ensler, The Vagina Monologues

Australian law stipulates that all vulvas (the external parts of female genitalia) in soft porn M15+ must have no exposed inner labia. Women's parts must be air brushed to the point that none of the labia minora is exposed. This isn't a rationale of "giving the people what they want" it is literally a legal requirement because a woman's inner lips are considered too offensive. A woman's natural pussy without air brushing is considered R18+ yet the pussy without lips is M15. However testicles and penises; erect, flaccid, hairy, bald penises are, for the most part, untouched in any rating. So, people viewing soft porn have a completely unrealistic perception of what a vagina really looks like. It also kind of gets very scary here, as the inner lips don't actually extend until puberty so the vaginas they are representing in porn are for the most part - pre pubescent. This is highly, HIGHLY inappropriate as adult entertainment should only represent....ADULTS (am I crazy!?) ~ The issue of porn and media representing women as young girls has been an issue since the 70's/80's when the glorifying of the virginal, non offensive little girl became a way to counteract the rise in feminism. Twisted.

A symptom of this has been the rise of Labiaplasty over recent years due to this false representation of vulvas having only the labia majora (outer lips) and the concept that exposed labia (which is completely normal and healthy for adult women) is somehow unclean or abnormal. Labiaplasty is a procedure by which they cut off most of the inner lips. Read that again. Yeah. Cut off your lips. It's becoming one of the more popular procedures in this country.

Women are mutilating their vaginas to adhere to a norm that DOES NOT EXIST. We come in all shapes and sizes, small inner labia, large inner labia, two lips of different sizes. There is no "average" or "normal" looking vulva.