The Stoned Chrysalis

Crystal Sex Toys

Aimee Vincent

Crystals are fucking incredible, whether you believe they are energetically powerful and healing, see them as a connection to mama earth or just think they're pretty as fuck - human beings always have and continue to be drawn to crystals. They’re beauty and power has been admired throughout history from the Ancient Eqyptians using Lapis in their chest plates and jewellery, turquoise being used for protection in Native American culture to the use of Quartz crystal in computers and electronics - we admire and rely on crystals.  


Image by Rita Theres @rita_therese__

Image by Rita Theres @rita_therese__

I have had many people ask me what I do for a living, when I tell them about the crystal woke wands and betty plugs i’m often met with similar responses “do they vibrate?” ….I mean if you wanna get technical here, all crystals emit vibrations, but what they’re asking is “will they vibrate on my clitoris and bring me to clitoral orgasm?”, to which the answer is generally one of three: no, not at first or not on their own. And that’s kind of the point. Peruse any adult store or website and you’ll find an array of alien looking toys often made of silicon, rubber, glass or steel. One of my first sex toys was the rabbit which was some hectic over zealous shit that made me feel insanely overwhelmed and unsure if i’d even orgasmed or not because my vagina was so numb from the intense vibration - but that’s another story. When we begin to rely solely on the vibration of a toy to make us orgasm we give up some level of sexual autonomy, which is fine if we are aware of the fact. Applying steady and firm vibration to the clitoris is sure to give us a…clitoral orgasm, and clitoral orgasms are rad, I wont hear a fucking bad word about them! But…they are not the only type of orgasm and they can be part of a deeper more intense experience when we have the ability and desire to sexually explore and really feel our bodies.


 Crystal wands have been used for years as massage and meditation tools, when i’m speaking face to face with customers at the markets I tell them the woke wands are full body massage tools because thats exactly what they are - with the bonus point of being safe to also use inside our pussies and butts. Full body baby. They are strong and firm like glass/steel and they warm up or cool down with our touch or water. They each carry their own healing properties but if you aren’t into the metaphysics of it - they're aesthetically fucking beautiful. I've had people tell me they keep theirs on display because they're so pretty.

By Rita Therese @rita_therese__

By Rita Therese @rita_therese__


So if you’re using crystal dildos does that mean you’ve won maximum bohemian goddess points, need to chuck out all your vibrating toys and ONLY use crystals? Fuck NO. My woke wand is a part of my collection of toys, some of which are glass, one of which is silicon and one that vibrates. Sex toys are a personal and exciting addition to our lives, they help use to explore our bodies and desires and like any collection can include an array of different things. If we limit ourselves to one type of experience or feeling then we deny ourselves the opportunity for growth, this is applicable to all things in life but when applied to sex I believe we get ourselves into a rut both partnered and solo, we learn how to get ourselves off quickly and then keep repeating that process instead of trying new ways to reach the same or different results. The vibrator formula is a good one, it works, for many its often guaranteed results but there are so many other experiences to be had and opportunities for different types of pleasure. Why not incorporate the vibration of your silicon dildo and the penetration of your crystal or use your crystal during partnered sex for double penetration or during cunnilingus... Use your imagination.

I’m saving Spiritual Hoe for ME time
— Rita Therese


 I enjoy using my crystal woke wand when I want to have a really connective self pleasure session, when I really have time to spend with myself and dedicate to masturbating - I use my crystal - for me this is almost a type of meditation. If I want to quickly smash out a clitoral orgasm I know how to do that too and will generally use a vibrator which is totally O K. We don’t need to be just one thing; on Monday we can meditate for half an hour, listen to fucking world music and masturbate with our crystal woke wands. Tuesday we can listen to hip hop, eat donuts and fuck a silicon vibrator - It’s all part of this wonderful tapestry of life that allows for us to have such wide and varying experiences and be

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