The Stoned Chrysalis

The Female Gaze: Katie Jay

Aimee Vincent

I suspect orgasm is my state of nature.

Photographer: Ryan Hutt
Model: Katie Jay

I started masturbating at a super early age. I think I was like, maybe eight. I used to secretly tape Sex Life and watch Baywatch religiously until someone called me a sex addict.

As shame-filled as I was at the time, perhaps that early age gave me an advantage because I find it super easy to orgasm now. Internally and externally - and during sex, although in the latter there still needs to be clitoral stimulation.

My favourite type of orgasm occurs internally and it doesn’t quite have an end result - it can linger. It feels like you’re on the brink of an orgasm but you don't want it to progress to a traditional climax because it feels even better than the end result. Fuller, spacious, quiet. Like being in the eye of a cyclone. Do you know what I’m talking about? I don’t know what it’s called.

The times I feel sexiest are usually on my own and the experience generally involves heat and some kind of sensual aesthetic. I need to feel calm and soft. Sexy feels wholesome to me.

It’s a different feeling to being “turned on” or primed for sex. Sexy itself feels like….gaining a prowess. Melting into a slower experience of time. A development into a sultrier mode of being.

I was in California during a hot summer travelling with a bunch of friends and in desperate need of solo time I ran a hot bath. I hooked my legs (tanned and toned from all the walking in LA heat!) over the edge of the bathtub and draped cold white wash cloths over them for temperature control. The aesthetic of the whole thing, the temperature, the texture and the relaxation I felt from it had a real erotic edge.

I also feel sexy on beaches (see, heat). Lying on hot sand. Italy makes me feel sexy. Anything about it. From the cities to the people, the language and the food. Pizza and red wine - the ultimate sexy. Just look at Caroline Vreeland - she’s made a career out of celebrating the sexiness of carbs.