The Stoned Chrysalis


FOUNDER: Aimee Aroha

Growing up below the poverty line, raised by a single mother in social housing, experiencing a tapestry of social inequality from racism directed at my Maori father and the classism of living in poverty whilst surrounded by a wealthy community led me to wonder how I was going to (or if I even could) over come my own dysfunction in order to break my familial cycle & contribute to society in a real way. What I learnt during my youth and young adult years was that through trauma experience we can acquire knowledge and resilience no school could ever teach. 

After the birth of my daughter in 2012 I decided to commit to my progress and blend my life experience with tertiary education. I completed my Certificate 3 in Community Development followed by a Diploma in Community Services by attending night school. These included units on Developmental Psychology, Counselling and Sociology.

In 2013 I began to learn about the nature of crystals and began to use them in my own healing through practice and meditation, from there The Stoned Chrysalis was born. I collected crystals and began making jewellery.

2015 saw the breakdown of my marriage, I made a commitment to myself that this would be an opportunity for self development. I stopped asking "How can I get ahead?" and began asking "How can I be of service? What do I have that can help other people?" I wanted to help people feel more resilient and empowered, I wanted to use my experience and build community, encourage more pleasure through my own experiences of Motherhood, sexuality & pleasure.

I am and have always been passionate about empowerment, pleasure and encouraging people to step into their most authentic selves, this is the truest nature of my passion and where the Chrysalis has found it's home.

In 2017 I enrolled into University in order to broaden my knowledge and up skill so I can provide customers & friends with service and perspective I believe is well rounded and ethical.

Foundations of Gender Studies, 

Australian Society (Sociology),

Happiness/Goodness and Justice (Philosophy)

I am now studying an Advanced Double Diploma in Transpersonal Counselling and Art Therapy with the College of Complimentary Medicine and a Certificate in ChildBirth Education and Mentoring.

The Stoned Chrysalis is more than a business, to me it is a community where we strive to better ourselves, live more authentically, more passionately, more comfortable with our sexuality, more authentic, more committed to reciprocity and pleasure..

...More resilient & empowered.

I am now living in an off grid property in the Blue Mountains, Australia; studying, working, raising my daughter and our animals while committing everyday to this space & my own self development so I can achieve that goal I had as a child which was to contribute to society in a real way. 

Thank you for being a part of the community ~ teaching & inspiring me to keep going~