The Stoned Chrysalis

Make peace with your body, it is not manmade. There are no flaws, there are no mistakes
— Warsan Shire

The Cornerstone

The Chrysalis is more than a brand, it's a lifestyle.

We dream of living the most empowered and instinctual lives we can. We believe modern society and our rapidly changing popular culture has disconnected us from much of our instinctual knowledge and unique, individual power.

We want to help bring people back to themselves through providing a range of unique products, new ideas and unique stories.

In a society utterly saturated in sex and nudity the real rawness of both are still considered taboo in many ways. The Stoned Chrysalis space was created to encourage empowerment of those seeking to explore their innate power, energy, sex and sensuality while providing a deeper awareness of current and historical social issues. This space hopes to provide a platform for people of all genders, orientations, backgrounds, cultures and persuasions to share our knowledge with each other - by exchanging experiences we help break down taboos and broaden our understanding of what it is to be sexual, instinctual beings in an ever changing society.



We aim to source, provide and create products that are natural, safe and empowering. We use the E word a lot but it is the cornerstone of everything we do. Our products are carefully selected with love and collaboration between the needs of our customers and the benefits of Mother Nature.

Crystals and Healing

Crystals have been around since before human existence, they are part of the earths memory, they have been used in healing for centuries from the very first Sumerian and Egyptian civilisations to the wide spread use of Jade throughout Asia; human beings have always had an affinity with the power and beauty of crystals. Today we even see Quartz used in electronics such as computers and watches, our relationship with crystals may have changed over time but their energies are still revered by people all over the world.

The Stoned Chrysalis aims to provide stones we have personally found useful on our own healing journeys. 






All our designs are created in collaboration with local Australian artists. We ensure all our t shirts are ethically produced and Fair Trade compliant, they are then hand screened in Sydney, Australia. 


Crystal Wands

Using a crystal wand encourages awareness in self pleasure.
Crystals help us to let go of pre conceived notions regarding sex and what feels good and allow us to explore sensuality for ourselves while encouraged by the natural elements and metaphysical vibrations of crystals.

You can use the crystal wands all over the body - externally and internally - they will heat to the temperature of your body, or even warmer. Depending on your mood you can soak your wand in either warm or cold water to experience different sensations. 

When you receive your wand please cleanse it with sage or natural salt water, then wash it thoroughly in warm soapy water (make sure the soap is yoni friendly - preferably Ph balanced) 

DO NOT PUT YOUR CRYSTALS IN HOT WATER. Just like any other sex toy it is important to keep your crystals clean.  Never put a crystal in hot water or very, very cold water as it may crack. Treat your crystal toys as you would your other crystals, with respect, common sense and love.

I would recommend spending some time with your stone, creating a relationship and setting your intentions before use. Regularly clean, cleanse and charge your crystals.

Kegel Eggs

Kegel eggs can be a meditative and healing practice that has been around for thousands of years. Kegel eggs, also known as Yoni eggs have historically been well known and used as a health practice throughout Asia. Used to improve and maintain reproductive health and well being, the Kegel egg is inserted gently into the vagina and helps us to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, increase awareness of our vagina, increase sensitivity, lubrication and nurture more powerful and varying orgasms.

You will find variations of the Kegel egg and vaginal weights all over the internet, many made from silicon, we prefer our weights made of the earth. Our Kegel eggs are made from all natural crystals that are safe for internal use.

*Instructions on how to use Kegel eggs are included in the shop. It is important to properly clean and cleanse your egg and woke wands both physically and energetically. It is also best to use unwaxed dental floss or colourless cotton if you wish to use a string in your egg. DO NOT PUT YOUR CRYSTALS IN HOT WATER. Always use warm water so as not to break your crystal.